Haiku from fire days

Posted by Gerry on November 24th, 2018

In the hour before
The mind comes into focus
Dawn breaches slowly

Pink clouds of dawn, soft
Gently melding wisps of thought
Power bringing change

Love is like the smoke coming
fire we don’t control
The smoke is like love

They spread everywhere
in space we didn’t know was there
A conflagration

Fire like a giant
Crow waiting to swoop in and
Blow away our dreams

Like a white egret
Love flies across misty fog
In all its beauty

May grace and mercy
Like mists find us all our lives
Heaven here on earth

Will anything find us
Ever ease the weary soul
Grace and mercy may

Ghostly white egret
Made late twilight passage
A brief glimpse then gone

Love or smoke floating
Through our lives encumbered by
Nothing we can see

Felt reality
More than any substance can
Worth every moment

Smoke of our sadness
Loss we have yet to measure
Drifts across the hearts

Fire lingers in the
Ashes of our dreamscape held
In vague memory

Love like smoke held close
No form or substance revealed
Is nonetheless real

Love better than smoke
Because ambiguity
Lifts us up in time

Love and smoke entwined
Neither has a boundary
But both impact us

The moon is waning
Orion striding along
Moving to sunrise

Blow across the sky
Ever hoping happily
Love is on the way

Smoky clouds descend
Blocking moon or shiny stars
Wisps in time revealed

Love or smoke rising
Ever hoping happily
Love is on the way

Smoke near dawn revealed
In random burning tells all
That souls need to know

Holding love like smoke
Illusion of our power
Nothing held is lost

Nothing held is lost
Turn to learn the simple truth
Nothing held is gained

Now hearts hold softly
Now our hearts abide today
smoke or love or grace

Grace abides through time
ever blowing on its way
wisps of mystery

blowing through our life
Precious love believing
Smoke or love will stay

Stay to reach for smoke
Hold to love ambiguous
Hearts forever young

Despite the line of time
Memory intertwined will
Be held together

Smoke and ashes fade
While love becomes egret’s flight
Ever glides along

Hazy smoke of love
Bringing tears of passion forth
Better life revealed

Becoming simple
Hanging wisps of thought fulfilled
Into grace revealed

Grace moving throughout
A life of giving into
Forces unforeseen

In lives revealed somehow
Ancient intuition here
Love or smoke brought forth

Lost to love til now
Like some smoky memories
Emerge as a mist

Of strength in passion
Helped discover long lost
Innocence of hope
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 02/23/18

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