Questions? => cleaning out the notebook

What does a sound feel like?
What does a glance trip over?
How many cups does it take?
How far is over there?
How near is dear to my heart?
How many times is too many?
How does it feel to get over it?
Has the sunshine brightened or dimmed?
Can a walk get us there?
Has the memory healed?
Has the truth been told?
What or how or how many?
When did you realize?
Can real eyes see through?
Has the darkness touched the dawn?
Where is it?
How many is too many?
How many is enough?
When did time slip away?
Where did it go?
Can time come back?
Is there delight in midnight?
How do you know?
When do you realize?
What are too many tries?
What would Jesus do?
Can fishes walk on water?
Had time gone by?
What can be done in order to try?
When do questions end?

><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 7/15/22

I wear socks with my Birkenstocks

Just saw a lady walk on by
She looked at me and she had to sigh
Looking up-and-down down askance
At my feet she gave a glance
You know it’s because….

I wear socks with my Birkenstocks
I sing songs around-the-clock
Walking up-and-down along the streets
Making up songs for all I meet

Some old guy came ambling by
He might have been kind of high
He laughed at me in my attire
He laughed so hard I had to admire
You know it’s because…

I wear socks with my Birkenstocks
I sing songs around-the-clock
Walking up-and-down along the streets
Making up songs for all I meet

Sometimes children call out with glee
As children will with their high de he
Heidi He and Heidi Ho
Hanging out with them is where I want to go
You know it’s because…

I wear socks with my Birkenstocks
I sing songs around-the-clock
Walking up-and-down along the streets
Making up songs for all I meet

The woman who loves me
She don’t care
Of my foibles she’s well aware
Dressing mode is just one more thing
Her loving man has got to sing

I wear socks with my Birkenstocks
I sing songs around-the-clock
Walking up-and-down along the streets
Making up songs for all I meet

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 8/26/22

Here is a poem which took 38 years to write, and it is not finished.

in this place in this time
Wisdom, strength, humility, joy.
If wisdom be your goal, then knowing you know nothing had better be good enough.
Strength flows on, as time frame is spanned, then forms in space expanded.
If you pray for humility, you better be prepared to accept it.
Joy comes to those prepared to accept, and to those who know what they know, manifest as soul expanded.
Wisdom, strength, humility, joy; all for the glory and honor of the Creator and creation.
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 05/07/16

moon and sun – a new day begun

The sunset and the moon had a conversation
Why won’t you be with me all night long
the reflections of my glory shine all night through you
All night long, I am still missing you though

The moon shines down in fits and starts
Sometimes as a sliver sometimes just in parts
The moon bursts out and lights the land
in summer nights the day expands
Lovers walk under her light
And making the use of all that’s bright

The sun goes then comes again
It wakes them as another day is planned
The sunset and the moon
In each other’s space will swoon
Giving back when what they need
is just what the other sees

The sunset and the moonlight crossed
Held together, in each other, never lost
Balanced by what they finally found
Each spreads light on the forests’ ground
The sun now ponders, the moon arises
Holding hope that darkness prizes
joy of dreams gives soft renewal
To lift creation like mystic jewels
Joy of light in night or day
Until there’s nothing left to say

The moon at dawn assured again
The alignment as it had begun
The sun would shine
And give light reflected
All in between again protected
As light gives glory and hope renewed
Such are held in morning’s dew.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 07/18/18

Haiku from fire days

In the hour before
The mind comes into focus
Dawn breaches slowly

Pink clouds of dawn, soft
Gently melding wisps of thought
Power bringing change

Love is like the smoke coming
fire we don’t control
The smoke is like love

They spread everywhere
in space we didn’t know was there
A conflagration

Fire like a giant
Crow waiting to swoop in and
Blow away our dreams

Like a white egret
Love flies across misty fog
In all its beauty

May grace and mercy
Like mists find us all our lives
Heaven here on earth

Will anything find us
Ever ease the weary soul
Grace and mercy may

Ghostly white egret
Made late twilight passage
A brief glimpse then gone

Love or smoke floating
Through our lives encumbered by
Nothing we can see

Felt reality
More than any substance can
Worth every moment

Smoke of our sadness
Loss we have yet to measure
Drifts across the hearts

Fire lingers in the
Ashes of our dreamscape held
In vague memory

Love like smoke held close
No form or substance revealed
Is nonetheless real

Love better than smoke
Because ambiguity
Lifts us up in time

Love and smoke entwined
Neither has a boundary
But both impact us

The moon is waning
Orion striding along
Moving to sunrise

Blow across the sky
Ever hoping happily
Love is on the way

Smoky clouds descend
Blocking moon or shiny stars
Wisps in time revealed

Love or smoke rising
Ever hoping happily
Love is on the way

Smoke near dawn revealed
In random burning tells all
That souls need to know

Holding love like smoke
Illusion of our power
Nothing held is lost

Nothing held is lost
Turn to learn the simple truth
Nothing held is gained

Now hearts hold softly
Now our hearts abide today
smoke or love or grace

Grace abides through time
ever blowing on its way
wisps of mystery

blowing through our life
Precious love believing
Smoke or love will stay

Stay to reach for smoke
Hold to love ambiguous
Hearts forever young

Despite the line of time
Memory intertwined will
Be held together

Smoke and ashes fade
While love becomes egret’s flight
Ever glides along

Hazy smoke of love
Bringing tears of passion forth
Better life revealed

Becoming simple
Hanging wisps of thought fulfilled
Into grace revealed

Grace moving throughout
A life of giving into
Forces unforeseen

In lives revealed somehow
Ancient intuition here
Love or smoke brought forth

Lost to love til now
Like some smoky memories
Emerge as a mist

Of strength in passion
Helped discover long lost
Innocence of hope
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 02/23/18

Out of fire come Seer’s dreams

Rest quietly
let the Spirit guides guide
rest quietly
among the flame
then ash
rest quietly
let the Spirit guides guide
the spirits of trees
moved on in ash
just as you
and I
will one day be moved on
as ash

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 10/13/17

Waiting for David Bowie or an angel to walk in
Sitting in a chair I would welcome their grin
A warm greeting can be expected
In our community where we are protected
Love is stronger than some
And all the bureaucrats with whom I spoke
Were kind and informative
Sharing anything they had to give
Emergency services are morphing
As the options for recovery we are sorting
Don’t worry be happy playing in the air
Not quite yet but we’ll get there
My community
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 10/18/17 at brew

Bowie comes on singing “under pressure”
The flames of nature assaulted us like a thresher
Yet responders and neighbors responded with effort
And kindness despite transformation brought on by the zephyr
Homes in ruins as all our stuff is gone
Transforming life as we knew it to a new dawn
Mindful of what has been given and what is won
Take the circumstance so we can act on

Glory of friends,
Glory of place,
Glory to the Creator who gave us space
To live this life as life allows
In this our souls will rouse
To become what we might be
To act on what we now see
As fate and circumstances
In this our life’s brand new dance
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 10/18/17 at brew

To search the depths of resiliency
The fog in the Redwoods portends that with which we must contend
Everything is a test and a lesson to search the depths of resiliency.
Or expand the heart.
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 12/14/17

Winter whirls
Outside the window
Inside worries and wonders
As they do
Wishing for joy
Settling for contentment
Have to take
What is there for the taking
As they often are

Still blows
Cold and harsh now
Like nothing
Ever felt before
Harsh like ashes
Stuck to a shoe

Scattering ashes to the wind
As memories cling
Like leaves
To trees.
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 12/26/17

Love is like smoke
Smoke is like love
They come from a fire we don’t control
They spread everywhere in the space there is

Fire sits like a giant Crow waiting
To swoop in and blow away our dreams
Love flies across the view scape
In the fog like a white egret
There in all its beauty
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 01/29/18

A truck weighed down
like a soul
a journey
filled with stones of memory
somewhere in California
a monarch flutters
like a soul
the journey against hot winds
a journey to be completed nonetheless
despite the possibility of death
especially because of the possibility of death
life’s journey is like that
moving forward
ever forward
despite the inevitability of death
smoke filled skies
give way to memories
dusty ashes of our lives
sifted in mesh nets
yielding the unburnable
like pebbles through the mesh of our minds
this is what is left
except for the love thicker than smoke
wafting in the air
ghosts of the buildings
we once called home
blow out to sea
or settle in the vineyard soil
to grow to be a smoky ghostly vintage
such is our Redwood lives
where love is thicker than smoke
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 04/26/18
Another Thursday

From the depths of Sorrow
or the heights of joy
all the world can do
is ask, “Do you want more?”
On the day we are born
until the day we die
all the world can show is,
“This is it”
In our deepest thoughts
and our shouted words
all the world’s lessons are expressed
From the dawn’s early light
to the sunset glow
the world is always spinning
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 08/23/18

Another Friday night

Five days of Orion running
through smoke passing
through places of which we spoke
Paradise and Hidden Valley
Gone away now
Under Fire and Ash
gone away
gone in the ashes
rise up in the air
to arrive upon another life
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 11/09/18


Transparency and Trust are the currency of democracy
In order to gain trust the people involved have to have a fair and equitable opportunity to participate.
Transparency which is planned and genuine assures each person can know what is going on when they choose to pay attention.
Most people have neither the time or sustained interest to solve these huge problems.
That is why we hire politicians of good repute.
We Trust our leaders to hire competent dedicated professionals.
An informed appraisal of these conditions shows you are doing the steps necessary to move our community forward.
Having met that prerequisite, now I ask you to improve the transparency and participation as we move forward
I invite you to communicate with me if you are committed to the principle I am speaking about.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 04/25/18

Not a new revelation that politics sounds a lot like hypocrites
not a new feeling this indignation
complex problems given voice
deflated deferred to a false choice
searching for hope for all the nation
words words words dancing absurd
when will the people’s concerns be heard
can anyone understand our problems simply
or actually listen with some intimacy?
hold them responsible for all we see
demand our leaders assure transparency
all our facts based on reality

Then the answers will emerge
bursting forth through the people’s words
democracy triumphs over the absurd
God help them
God help us
as we demand our justice

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 05/04/18

Sneeze tick cough

Sneeze tick politics
you can’t stop any of them
they just keep going on and on
they’re mostly unpleasant
but always needed
sneeze tick
sneeze cough
cough cough
pick ticks over politics
another wasted bloviated sound
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 11/11/18
180530 Homeless Action at Rodota Trail_1140

Before you can dance again

I got bit by a spider
and stung by a bee,
all in 24 hours
once again life came along and made a fool out of me

One thing I’ve learned
as days go by
you have to get back on your feet
before you can dance again

I got hit by a drunk
then sprayed by a skunk
It knocked me for a loop
and I hacked and gagged and stooped

One thing I’ve learned
as days go by
you have to use
both hands to clap

All my stuff got stolen
while I slept on the ground
and none of it was golden
the thief by dreams emboldened

One thing I’ve learned
as days go by
you have to wake up and reach for the sky
even when you want to cry

My partner left in a huff
they’d had enough
of bickering and snickering
and other couple’s stuff

My dog had no leash
so the god damned police
took her off to puppy jail
and left me here to wail.

One thing I’ve learned
as days go by
that a dog will wag her tail
when one of us gets out of jail

One thing I’ve learned
about life on the streets
it’s filled with defeats
and life’s simple treats

like a dogs wagging tail.

Cold / Homeless Count 2018

Cold rain
Driving down the homeless man
Doing his best to live as he can
The world shattering all of his plans

Cold shoulder
And hostile stare
Coming from those
Who don’t want him there

Cold heart in the night
A policeman’s flashlight
and on the cold morn
Wishing sometimes to never been born

Cold numbers
Do the counting on the counting day
Give the impression we can stop this someday
But just to know the need hasn’t assured we’ll succeed.

Cold here outside
On the day he died
Maybe it was different
If someone really tried

Existence is a struggle
the fortitude which humans must muster
to get out of trouble
proves a warm heart has a lustre

Overcoming cold rain
cold shoulders
cold nights
cold numbers
the cold outside
the blizzard of life

Fortitude and kindness
dumb luck illumine
the world’s blindness
to suffering or need
world driven by greed

Homeless carry on
from dusk until dawn
refusing to behave
as only a pawn

refusing to give in
to bureaucrats’ sin
of following rules
set down by fools
who don’t have to sleep
in the street again

Cold rain
Cold shoulder
Cold heart in the night
Cold numbers
Cold here outside

Struggle for lustre
Fortitude and kindness
Homeless carry on
in the street
then it’s dawn,
night’s behind us

Poem 2016

Poem 2015

The day my parents named me

I make myself cry

Goodness in his heart

At home with the homeless

owl on a branch

One owl on a branch; watching, hooting
One owl contentment was eluding
Long shadows of dawn burn off the morning mist
Sunshine on dewdrops, tiny water kissed
Daylight rises up as hope into the sky
Gliding o’er the treetops as another day goes by
Landing on a lofty perch the great bird waits anew
Spending time among the pines a vigil to renew
Another night spent searching as daylight’s rays are fading
The one owl on a branch, watching, hooting, waiting
Scanning up and down the sky as solitary birds will do
Through the trees upon the breeze no other owl flew
Though blessed with sight throughout the night
Traverse the land and scanned in flight
Not birds or creatures easily caught
Held hope for what the owl sought
So back upon familiar branch returned
And listeners near and far discerned
Solitary owl sings forlorn
Not wishing for a lonely morn
Just a seeker of another creature with a song just like its own
In circumstance, desire, attitude, and tone
One owl on a branch
One owl takes a chance
To wait in the light that’s fading
Amid branches softly shading

Two owls hooting
There is no disputing
How the tale turned out, they went flying all about
Perching, preening, singing, as if to cry out
Praise the dawn and praise the dusk
As we found there’s two of us