moon and sun – a new day begun

The sunset and the moon had a conversation
Why won’t you be with me all night long
the reflections of my glory shine all night through you
All night long, I am still missing you though

The moon shines down in fits and starts
Sometimes as a sliver sometimes just in parts
The moon bursts out and lights the land
in summer nights the day expands
Lovers walk under her light
And making the use of all that’s bright

The sun goes then comes again
It wakes them as another day is planned
The sunset and the moon
In each other’s space will swoon
Giving back when what they need
is just what the other sees

The sunset and the moonlight crossed
Held together, in each other, never lost
Balanced by what they finally found
Each spreads light on the forests’ ground
The sun now ponders, the moon arises
Holding hope that darkness prizes
joy of dreams gives soft renewal
To lift creation like mystic jewels
Joy of light in night or day
Until there’s nothing left to say

The moon at dawn assured again
The alignment as it had begun
The sun would shine
And give light reflected
All in between again protected
As light gives glory and hope renewed
Such are held in morning’s dew.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 07/18/18

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