Mystique of the seasons of life can be found

crisp light of dawn over the cold blue hills
rain from the west letting moisture spill
renewing the light like renewing the land
holding out hope in the place where we stand
days spill over days on this path of renewal
certain days of each life turn into jewels

the days of the good and days which were bad
prove the truth of our visions, or make us sad
down all the days of each life on this planet
experiencing the moments as the universe will grant it
wisdom and humility lived in our sorrow
as joy and strength spill forth in tomorrow

God grants us dawn if we are up to see
the potential of growth like wind from the sea
viewing the gray light revealing each day
the forthcoming vision in life’s vast array
hoping for light in that crack which appears
on the edge of our horizon dispersing our fears

joys and sorrows from long ago times
each day that renews is here to remind
how lovers and friends are with us through time
held in our hearts and held in our minds
the joy that we shared down through the years
the lessons we’ve learned from all of our tears

the goodness of each other discovered each day
the companionship enshrined to show us our way
the potential of dawn to become the full light
is followed in the sky expansive and bright
then the wind and the rain seen in the west
as another day moves forward and we find some rest

the joy on the coast and dragons discovered
give us the roots of magic uncovered
in dirt of the earth and the misty air
enchantment renewed as we linger there
greeted by fairies and energy of trees
if we are wise, we recognize these

forces of renewal absorbed by our strength
recognizing the days that became the length
of the dragon’s tail and the tree branch’s girth
came down through time since the day of our birth
writhing from wind though held in the ground
Mystique of the seasons of life can be found

trees last a long time. Lovers will too
mist in the morning branches covered in dew
like memories and hopes so sublime
which prove the true purpose of our time
to live each day and hold each breath
for each other until the day of our death

the blessings of light at the coming of dawn
fill spirit’s gorgeous bright capacity to move on
lessons learned and lessons lost
some morning dew turns into frost
as cold memories are reminders at dawn
of places and people from whom we were drawn

holding our hopes, memories, and fears
reminders of joy, happiness, and tears
seeing these things each dawn of the day
as markers of things we learned how to say
be hopeful, be kind, be renewed by the dawn
listen for the echoes which memory spawns

shining blessings for our hopeful hearts
following each other to where we did start
hold in the heart the value found there
and accept that it is important to show that we care
care deep and unfettered because then it is found
Dragon tales and love from deep in the ground

<><><><><><><> 02/28/23

A Poem about Poetry

Poetry sings with joy
And it dances with sorrow
Expresses what is in our hearts
Each day and tomorrow

Poetry blends our feelings
Gently in our mind
Expressing thoughts as things
Giving meaning to all we find

Poetry is ours each day
If it recognizes the moment
Lifting up our gratitude
Giving relief in our torment

Poetry plays with words
Twisting rhymes and rhythms
Until the magic just appears
Bringing forth as words given

Poetry laughs just right
Captured hearts rejoice
When words together
Become our common voice

Poetry blooms and sometimes dies
Beauty in morning when it’s given
Glory in hearts when it flies
Eloquent in its vision

Poetry holds gratitude love and joy
Mourning sometimes best expressed
When memories needed telling
Thus poetry bringing souls to rest

sitting in a dark room

sitting in a dark room
considering light
consider the space
and consider our plight

sitting in a valley
way down below
under the mountain
where we might perchance go

from the depths formed by rivers
mountains carved by streams
water through earth delivered
like thoughts left from dreams

no glow in the dark
nor flash in a mist
fully illuminates the possible
only giving a glimpse.

as in dreams or a journey
each explores soft edges of light
and the inside of darkness
holds some insight

revelations anew
portend blessings we are now seeing
to find the illusive
truth of all being

although darkness may comfort
or light warm the soul
held nearest our heart
is love as the goal

love transcends darkness
and compassion illuminates
winding path forward
to heaven’s welcome gates

a gate to goodness we seek
journeys’ guides hold us
in mysterious faith and eternal trust
our seeking emboldens

goodness tumbles out
like rivers to ocean
a true secret shared
all life needs such motion

traveling as drops in a stream
and then life’s winding river
all the hopes in our time
and sorrows delivered

to places of healing
missions of glory
as each one of us
seeks out our own story

Questions? => cleaning out the notebook

What does a sound feel like?
What does a glance trip over?
How many cups does it take?
How far is over there?
How near is dear to my heart?
How many times is too many?
How does it feel to get over it?
Has the sunshine brightened or dimmed?
Can a walk get us there?
Has the memory healed?
Has the truth been told?
What or how or how many?
When did you realize?
Can real eyes see through?
Has the darkness touched the dawn?
Where is it?
How many is too many?
How many is enough?
When did time slip away?
Where did it go?
Can time come back?
Is there delight in midnight?
How do you know?
When do you realize?
What are too many tries?
What would Jesus do?
Can fishes walk on water?
Had time gone by?
What can be done in order to try?
When do questions end?

><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 7/15/22

I wear socks with my Birkenstocks

Just saw a lady walk on by
She looked at me and she had to sigh
Looking up-and-down down askance
At my feet she gave a glance
You know it’s because….

I wear socks with my Birkenstocks
I sing songs around-the-clock
Walking up-and-down along the streets
Making up songs for all I meet

Some old guy came ambling by
He might have been kind of high
He laughed at me in my attire
He laughed so hard I had to admire
You know it’s because…

I wear socks with my Birkenstocks
I sing songs around-the-clock
Walking up-and-down along the streets
Making up songs for all I meet

Sometimes children call out with glee
As children will with their high de he
Heidi He and Heidi Ho
Hanging out with them is where I want to go
You know it’s because…

I wear socks with my Birkenstocks
I sing songs around-the-clock
Walking up-and-down along the streets
Making up songs for all I meet

The woman who loves me
She don’t care
Of my foibles she’s well aware
Dressing mode is just one more thing
Her loving man has got to sing

I wear socks with my Birkenstocks
I sing songs around-the-clock
Walking up-and-down along the streets
Making up songs for all I meet

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 8/26/22

The only

sun setting

The only thing I can change is myself
There is only one thing
The eyes let in the light
The light lets in the being
Union is the moment
Now is the time
The temple is released back into universal soul
Fears bind us
One moment we all will die
Our death riding on our shoulder has already arrived
Going from darkness to light
We come to go
This is just another step
To a wider perspective
Living is the journey through to being
What you are fundamentally
Does not belong to time
Once we master death there is no longer fear
Going forward and letting go
Trusting what you have done all your life
We are born to learn how to die
We only carry consciousness across the river
All we are leaving behind is a body
All those things we cannot see
Are all the things we cannot measure
Are all the things that matter
Being quiet in one way or another
Is part of each of us
There is not a better something
There is union
Unity became separateness
In order to create individuality
In order to return to unity
Thought and kindness are the path
Serving others, you can find yourself
Take part in the world
To hold happiness
Move to union in letting go of happiness
And the breath returns the ultimate joy
Nothing can bring you happiness
Because you have it already
Your experiences are all you have
Without a past and without the future
All the present moments are the experiences
Which are the reality
In you
You have to live in the world
And know you are not of the world
The whole world is inside of us
The still small spirit

Inspired by On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace
A film by Michael O’Neill (Netflix)

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 03/17/20


here and now

190917 Redwoods (13)

when you formed in your mother’s loins
no one wanted this result for you
the vagaries of life
in tragedies of death
came to this place
that you are in
here and now

you gave
and you received
the naïve joy of youth
a fleeting fantasy
of sustenance
longing to recover it
here and now

the lives you bore
in your own womanhood
blew away
in a moment
the tempest of tragedy
lost in your lifetime
here and now

then and there
the crush of sadness
tore away
all defenses
and left
just you
here and now

just swallowing pride and hope
community of sharing
had been expected
then you descended
into darkness
here and now

years and decades
passed over like smoke
of sorrow
no relief in mist
of mind bending toxins
no relief for the unbearable
here and now

Here is a poem which took 38 years to write, and it is not finished.

in this place in this time
Wisdom, strength, humility, joy.
If wisdom be your goal, then knowing you know nothing had better be good enough.
Strength flows on, as time frame is spanned, then forms in space expanded.
If you pray for humility, you better be prepared to accept it.
Joy comes to those prepared to accept, and to those who know what they know, manifest as soul expanded.
Wisdom, strength, humility, joy; all for the glory and honor of the Creator and creation.
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 05/07/16

moon and sun – a new day begun

The sunset and the moon had a conversation
Why won’t you be with me all night long
the reflections of my glory shine all night through you
All night long, I am still missing you though

The moon shines down in fits and starts
Sometimes as a sliver sometimes just in parts
The moon bursts out and lights the land
in summer nights the day expands
Lovers walk under her light
And making the use of all that’s bright

The sun goes then comes again
It wakes them as another day is planned
The sunset and the moon
In each other’s space will swoon
Giving back when what they need
is just what the other sees

The sunset and the moonlight crossed
Held together, in each other, never lost
Balanced by what they finally found
Each spreads light on the forests’ ground
The sun now ponders, the moon arises
Holding hope that darkness prizes
joy of dreams gives soft renewal
To lift creation like mystic jewels
Joy of light in night or day
Until there’s nothing left to say

The moon at dawn assured again
The alignment as it had begun
The sun would shine
And give light reflected
All in between again protected
As light gives glory and hope renewed
Such are held in morning’s dew.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 07/18/18