Mystique of the seasons of life can be found

crisp light of dawn over the cold blue hills
rain from the west letting moisture spill
renewing the light like renewing the land
holding out hope in the place where we stand
days spill over days on this path of renewal
certain days of each life turn into jewels

the days of the good and days which were bad
prove the truth of our visions, or make us sad
down all the days of each life on this planet
experiencing the moments as the universe will grant it
wisdom and humility lived in our sorrow
as joy and strength spill forth in tomorrow

God grants us dawn if we are up to see
the potential of growth like wind from the sea
viewing the gray light revealing each day
the forthcoming vision in life’s vast array
hoping for light in that crack which appears
on the edge of our horizon dispersing our fears

joys and sorrows from long ago times
each day that renews is here to remind
how lovers and friends are with us through time
held in our hearts and held in our minds
the joy that we shared down through the years
the lessons we’ve learned from all of our tears

the goodness of each other discovered each day
the companionship enshrined to show us our way
the potential of dawn to become the full light
is followed in the sky expansive and bright
then the wind and the rain seen in the west
as another day moves forward and we find some rest

the joy on the coast and dragons discovered
give us the roots of magic uncovered
in dirt of the earth and the misty air
enchantment renewed as we linger there
greeted by fairies and energy of trees
if we are wise, we recognize these

forces of renewal absorbed by our strength
recognizing the days that became the length
of the dragon’s tail and the tree branch’s girth
came down through time since the day of our birth
writhing from wind though held in the ground
Mystique of the seasons of life can be found

trees last a long time. Lovers will too
mist in the morning branches covered in dew
like memories and hopes so sublime
which prove the true purpose of our time
to live each day and hold each breath
for each other until the day of our death

the blessings of light at the coming of dawn
fill spirit’s gorgeous bright capacity to move on
lessons learned and lessons lost
some morning dew turns into frost
as cold memories are reminders at dawn
of places and people from whom we were drawn

holding our hopes, memories, and fears
reminders of joy, happiness, and tears
seeing these things each dawn of the day
as markers of things we learned how to say
be hopeful, be kind, be renewed by the dawn
listen for the echoes which memory spawns

shining blessings for our hopeful hearts
following each other to where we did start
hold in the heart the value found there
and accept that it is important to show that we care
care deep and unfettered because then it is found
Dragon tales and love from deep in the ground

<><><><><><><> 02/28/23

Eternal question in my mind

The dawn I missed still insists

on contemplating eternal bliss.

Looking out at the edge of dawn’s display;

seeing the light emerge orange from gray.

Some part of the new day will reveal

the hidden parts which night concealed.

Another opportunity to change the world,

or simply flow as eddies swirl.

Eternal question in my mind,

should I try or let forces move me?

Is the way of desire to see

superior to the path of surrender?

I struggle to bring out the truths I would engender?

The darkness was a place of rest

reaching into deeper realms of trust.

And new light warms the soul

but does not reveal how to reach my goal.

I must determine how to get there;

should I try or should I flow?

My inner self will somehow know

the answer to eternal questions of entitlement.

Does desire lead to enlightenment?

Or does enlightenment come forth and flow

from each new dawn’s early glow?

<><><><><><><>  02/17/23

The gift of gratitude

Grateful for the gift of joy; joyous beyond wonder
Thankful for the life we live resounding like thunder
Acknowledging the blessings of each breathe simple and essential
Comforted by the thoughts that come to explore all our potential
Sincerely full of gratitude for blessings large and small
Pulled forward into mysteries thankful for them all
Happy for myriad connections, transcendent or unseen
Mindful of the joys in unity, woven ways of being
Hopeful in community because together we are whole
Pleased in all the perspective of what we do or don’t control
Delighted in the wonder of desire, found through harmony’s network
Astounded by the discovery that being together is no quirk
Thankful for the being of the open loving man
Blessed by the gift of the open loving woman
Grateful thankful wonderous of being here each day
Held in warmth and happiness. This is where we’ll stay

107 forever

<><><><><><><> 2/14/23

Beyond the edge [not yet seen]

Fantastic joy unknown in this realm
Came to the fore beyond the edge
In the space of a place that could overwhelm
Passing the perimeter, flying off a ledge

The mystery of existence which propelled us here
Moving dreams and visions along some strange path
Outside the past boundaries to know so clear
A lucid dream perhaps conceived as we hath

Conjured our beloved so long sought
Imagined beloved so softly brought forth
Every lesson in love understood as was taught
When hopes revelation became ours henceforth

In such a bubble of truths pledges
Certainty emerged in time’s shortest blink
It all came upon us beyond the edges
Of boundaries or defenses to loves greatest link.
<><><><><><><> 02/13/23

gratitude at dawn

gratitude at dawn as the birds fly across the sun
bright glow of sun in the eyes of someone
who is incredibly thankful for each and every day
treading lightly as we dare to display
expanding heart and capacity to love
as infinite wishes flow from above
when time passes as the earth is turning
and the morning sun proves the world is churning
thinking of standing on solid ground
which is moving as we seek ahead to be found
we are going somewhere which we cannot know
sitting here now is how we will grow
living and loving, crying sorrow
will move us on today and tomorrow
how should we think. how should we feel
if we close our eyes this will still be real
the reality of being on the planet today
tomorrow the universe is the place where we’ll play
the sun rises up and shines in our eyes
if we can see beyond the skies
to the stars across space in joy revealing
the truth of the miracle of how we are feeling

<><><><><><><> 02/10/23

A poem for Ally

I am fulfilled each morning at dawn
Because inspiration for poems are spawned
When sun on horizon begins to glow
Some mysterious juices begin to flow
Possibilities for creativity emerge
Weaved in my mind a collection of words
Inspiration comes from every which way
Mulled in my mind to emerge each day
From dreams and impressions I find
New ways of expression here in my mind
Unique way of being as part of this world
A unique way of seeing how thoughts have unfurled
It took time to evolve this wonderful view point
Now I can’t help myself, there’s always a new point
Happy to tell you from so far away
You can do this by rhyming what you say
I’ve practiced for years to get to today
And your words will emerge in the way that you say
The things that you think and the process pursued
Emerge as the words expressing you
To become the poet and person words let you be
It all evolves in the way that you see.

<><><><><><><> 02/10/23

sacred intention

At dawn
the leftover flames of the night
are blown out
the dreams we encountered
dissipate like smoke
whatever comfort and warmth was gathered
in the space of sleep
moves on
to another space
where the vitality of the new day
is manifest
renewal as the planet turns
and the possibilities unfold
Hope springs up
on the horizon
as only the sun
can bring
the spirits of ancestors
who walked near us
in the darkness
are not meant to be seen
in the light
yet they guide us
and teach us
each step of each day
whether we attend to their wisdom
or pray
sacred intention held in the night
sacred intention held in the light
sacred intention held in the heart
in goodness and kindness
we become part
of history
each day
of our own lives
remember that which was
left after night
hold to intention
with each breath
each day
every step that we take
every word that we say
the secrets in hearts
can lead to sublime
of sacred intention

<><><><><><><> 02/08/23

in the still lightness of being

In the still lightness of being

Among the trees the life forces flow
they respond to the wind
but they do not consider that
the trees could ever control the wind
they grow and bend
in the still lightness of being

Across time the trees grow strong
great mass of treeness emerges slowly
each branch holds to the trunk
and with each day
and each windstorm
becomes stronger
in the still lightness of being

Across space the roots intertwine
Sharing wisdom and nourishment
In the deep quiet spaces
Where they touch and entwine
Wordlessly communicating
The love of being together
in the still lightness of being

Up on the horizon trees reach for the clouds
from a distance they can be seen atop mountains
looking like a jagged edge of the earth and sky
trees rising to the sun
foliage from afar looks jagged
but upon close inspection
manifests the strength
born of time and wind and growth
in the still lightness of being

Life forces ebb up striated trunks
Invisible power flows from earth to sky
communicated slowly
to those who would listen carefully
recognizing connection of all things
under the ground of being
brought on by the still light

<><><><><><><> 02/08/23

As heaven’s beams now seen

Being in the fullness of light
From the branches in the sky
to the roots in the Earth
Life pulsing through the trunk
all driven by the focus of light

Light through limbs raised up
Gathering the joy and heartbreak
as they come
Bearing gifts seen and unseen

Light speeds in at miraculous speeds
Passes through the shadows revealing
As heaven’s beams now seen

“In this world and the next, in an ecstasy without end.”

<><><><><><><> 02/06/23

in the glory of sunrise

In the quiet of the dawn
Hope opens up her eyes
To look upon a new day
in the glory of sunrise

Hope had been down to dreamland
aroused by sun about
to dawn upon a new day
in the glory of sunrise

Hope arose on fierce some wings
to look upon the land
Wishing she could see her love
in the glory of sunrise

in the glory of sunrise
in the glory of sunrise
in the glory of sunrise

Hope danced across the earth
spinning round and round.
holding gaze for lover’s face
stepping spinning round

Hope spinning round
Rejoining with the ground
of being
being in the spinning
in the glory of the dawn

Rejoining Hope was found
in the glory of the ground
mother earth will hold again
Hope lying on the ground

in the glory of sunrise
in the glory of sunrise
in the glory of sunrise

<><><><><><><> 02/03/23