owl on a branch

One owl on a branch; watching, hooting
One owl contentment was eluding
Long shadows of dawn burn off the morning mist
Sunshine on dewdrops, tiny water kissed
Daylight rises up as hope into the sky
Gliding o’er the treetops as another day goes by
Landing on a lofty perch the great bird waits anew
Spending time among the pines a vigil to renew
Another night spent searching as daylight’s rays are fading
The one owl on a branch, watching, hooting, waiting
Scanning up and down the sky as solitary birds will do
Through the trees upon the breeze no other owl flew
Though blessed with sight throughout the night
Traverse the land and scanned in flight
Not birds or creatures easily caught
Held hope for what the owl sought
So back upon familiar branch returned
And listeners near and far discerned
Solitary owl sings forlorn
Not wishing for a lonely morn
Just a seeker of another creature with a song just like its own
In circumstance, desire, attitude, and tone
One owl on a branch
One owl takes a chance
To wait in the light that’s fading
Amid branches softly shading

Two owls hooting
There is no disputing
How the tale turned out, they went flying all about
Perching, preening, singing, as if to cry out
Praise the dawn and praise the dusk
As we found there’s two of us

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