In the evening effort flows all of my days

Petaluma scenes

In the evening the sky turns Gray
if I was sad
I would be depressed
my gray matter would matter

Gray skies mean nothing
until they are given meaning,
or do they?
************************************************* 04/23/17

Effort and money flow

You need gold to buy the redwood.
Silver comes in handy to purchase the water.
Coal powers the ambitions of roads
Until liquid fuels drive the movements
Of goods and services
Things as sad as people
Money and effort
Flowing through time
************************************************* 04/23/17

Imagine if imagined mattered.
************************************************* 04/24/17

For the days to come and go the planet has to turn
The light has to shine at the top of the trees
and the girls have to call to one another
We do not need to be here to see all of this, or cause it to happen
yet we are in the world and it has meaning
************************************************* 04/29/17

I don’t know anyone
who is luckier than me
poor suffering leads to
Humble joy
joy found in life

Lonesome Cowboy Bill
************************************************* 05/07/17

All of my days
All of my nights
all of my breath
all of my fights
the world keeps spinning
around and around
breathing and fighting
near the cold hard ground
Heaven above and heaven below
getting by each day
On what little we know
Holding to blessings
not frustrations’ curse
based on impressions
for good or for worse
wander through days
and dreaming through nights
a touch or a breathe
will suffice in the fights
for justice and freedom
for compassion and help
hoping for wisdom
holding cards we are dealt
as long as we grow
as long as we try
fulfilling a destiny
whether we really know why
down through the days
and glorious nights
of dreaming and breathing
prepared to still fight
for justice and freedom
Compassion and joy
Like an ancient te deum
our desires deploy
its worth all the days
and all of the nights
its worth spending our breath
on all of these fights
************************************************* 05/09/17

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