Some views of love and its choices

Mystical oak
Love is a spite.
Its devotion knows no bounds;
Neither high nor low.
Love is an integration of souls.
Love is an interminable commitment of fidelity.
Love pushes all our buttons and expects us to reset them
So they can be pushed again.

Love is a spite with a certainty
that no matter how much
of your hurt and sadness and frustration is expressed as anger,
no matter what,
it holds on to me and you, and you and me.
Nobody told us it would be exactly like this,
but they sure told us it would be a journey.
We heard “for better or for worse” our whole lives.
And lo and behold they both happened again and again.

Love has the spite to prove to you that
I’ll hold on to you no matter what.
Love is just stubborn that way.
Love is never violent. It never hurts for hurting sake.
Love never destroys itself nor the other person.

Love can be unkind at times
Because love trusts in its reciprocity
That hurt and sadness can be overcome in its very being.
My love is my love in spite of myself after all this time.
The love I receive in return is the same,
Full, complete, complex and in spite of it all.

I love you in spite of myself.
I love you in spite of yourself.
There is a connection deep and unexplainable
Which brings our souls together.
In each of our minds we are committed to the other.
As time goes by the connection is stronger.

The meaning of fidelity is manifest in spite of all that happens.
Our minds and our souls and our lives experiences
Are so intertwined that the two cannot be less than together.
Even if we are apart the connection remains strong and mysterious.
This is what we have made by choice and chance and spite.
If we love in spite of ourselves, and if we take away the spite,
All that is left is the connection of our love.
><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 05/19/13

Love is a choice
It is also a mysterious voice
Inside our heads, within our hearts

Inner emotion evolves
Until it finally resolves
To bring together all of our parts

The part of me that sees
How separate I can be;
Such an unenduring plight

Nothing else can fill the part of me
That needs to have some company
So search ensues to cure this blight

It’s not some random thing
Like a bird upon the wing
Startled to take flight

Love makes choices every day
What to do and what to say
Affection the branch found to alight

But like the branch that moves and sways
Loves must balance in its days
How to act and feel while making something right

Hopes to share an inner vision
Connections made in each decision
It’s not some random wondrous flight

Affection grows through choices made
As our hopes and dreams get weighed
Through the evenings on into the night

In sleep and dreams the choice still spinning
Is this joining worth the winning?
Joy of love found at first light

Happiness found in its potential
For each humans being, love essential
Fulfilling hopes and dreams so bright

Love is a choice
A lovely yet mysterious voice
Inside our heads, within our hearts
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 10/14/14

The essence of love
Is borne of the availability
Of the heart and emotions
A person chooses to love
As love chooses to evolve.
Attraction, then infatuation
brings a choice of commitment
to explore the possibilities.
The commitment to the other person
Sometimes comes first,
But often our love is borne
In the mysterious inner self.
Did one inner self touch the other inner self?
The point of contact may be obscure,
then in joy, relief, and trepidation
one discovers the connection to the other – the love.
The connection, once made, is sustained by fidelity.
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 04/16/08

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