Project on C, an epitaph

Empty space

An empty wasted space where once some knights could thrive
A room of hope, sometimes a place where children might survive
A system of paper and rules and myriad fools that hid some light within
But quality and reality’s touch where lost when hope became so thin
Now the knights and Sancho Panzas moved on to strive in other fields anew
While empty space and some lost grace search through other rooms to find what’s true

Empty space
<><><><><><><><><><><><><> 02/11/13


At the core of myself
I felt that for all to be good
it would be right to be willing,
and able, to do a great kindness
for her, for them.

Those who need my forgiveness are forgiven.
Those who have wronged me are forgiven.
Those who hold a perspective
which brought me pain and hardship
have kindness awaiting them from me.

Then the healing may be fully done.
I have made a commitment such as this
because I have come to the realization
that forgiveness rests in kindness.
And kindness wrests peace for the soul.
God is good
and she would have me see this way.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><> 02/18/13

Author: Gerry

I welcome you to Sonomabuzz. I am Gerry La Londe-Berg. This started as a blog and immediately morphed into a poetry site. I started as a person and eventually morphed into a poet (among other things).

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