The gift of gratitude

Grateful for the gift of joy; joyous beyond wonder
Thankful for the life we live resounding like thunder
Acknowledging the blessings of each breathe simple and essential
Comforted by the thoughts that come to explore all our potential
Sincerely full of gratitude for blessings large and small
Pulled forward into mysteries thankful for them all
Happy for myriad connections, transcendent or unseen
Mindful of the joys in unity, woven ways of being
Hopeful in community because together we are whole
Pleased in all the perspective of what we do or don’t control
Delighted in the wonder of desire, found through harmony’s network
Astounded by the discovery that being together is no quirk
Thankful for the being of the open loving man
Blessed by the gift of the open loving woman
Grateful thankful wonderous of being here each day
Held in warmth and happiness. This is where we’ll stay

107 forever

<><><><><><><> 2/14/23

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