Eternal question in my mind

The dawn I missed still insists

on contemplating eternal bliss.

Looking out at the edge of dawn’s display;

seeing the light emerge orange from gray.

Some part of the new day will reveal

the hidden parts which night concealed.

Another opportunity to change the world,

or simply flow as eddies swirl.

Eternal question in my mind,

should I try or let forces move me?

Is the way of desire to see

superior to the path of surrender?

I struggle to bring out the truths I would engender?

The darkness was a place of rest

reaching into deeper realms of trust.

And new light warms the soul

but does not reveal how to reach my goal.

I must determine how to get there;

should I try or should I flow?

My inner self will somehow know

the answer to eternal questions of entitlement.

Does desire lead to enlightenment?

Or does enlightenment come forth and flow

from each new dawn’s early glow?

<><><><><><><>  02/17/23

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