gratitude at dawn

gratitude at dawn as the birds fly across the sun
bright glow of sun in the eyes of someone
who is incredibly thankful for each and every day
treading lightly as we dare to display
expanding heart and capacity to love
as infinite wishes flow from above
when time passes as the earth is turning
and the morning sun proves the world is churning
thinking of standing on solid ground
which is moving as we seek ahead to be found
we are going somewhere which we cannot know
sitting here now is how we will grow
living and loving, crying sorrow
will move us on today and tomorrow
how should we think. how should we feel
if we close our eyes this will still be real
the reality of being on the planet today
tomorrow the universe is the place where we’ll play
the sun rises up and shines in our eyes
if we can see beyond the skies
to the stars across space in joy revealing
the truth of the miracle of how we are feeling

<><><><><><><> 02/10/23

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