A poem for Ally

Posted by Gerry on February 17th, 2023

I am fulfilled each morning at dawn
Because inspiration for poems are spawned
When sun on horizon begins to glow
Some mysterious juices begin to flow
Possibilities for creativity emerge
Weaved in my mind a collection of words
Inspiration comes from every which way
Mulled in my mind to emerge each day
From dreams and impressions I find
New ways of expression here in my mind
Unique way of being as part of this world
A unique way of seeing how thoughts have unfurled
It took time to evolve this wonderful view point
Now I can’t help myself, there’s always a new point
Happy to tell you from so far away
You can do this by rhyming what you say
I’ve practiced for years to get to today
And your words will emerge in the way that you say
The things that you think and the process pursued
Emerge as the words expressing you
To become the poet and person words let you be
It all evolves in the way that you see.

<><><><><><><> 02/10/23

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