Like hearts in the wind

Sunflowers & wine

The kindness of poverty
The poverty of kindness
Has overtaken us
In the midst
Of a blessed holiday season

Like hearts in the wind
Spinning on each breath
Love and spirit ride
On a whirlwind of Hope
Full Community flying

Like hearts in the wind
Wholly seen
Without a screen
In this holy season
We call life

A selfish loss finds us
And sneaks up behind us
Awaiting a time to be seen

True lives and desires
Each one conspires
To find the space of one

Though memories long gone
Creep into this song
And make the new dawn much brighter

Hold on spinning hearts
Hold on to each other
Living each day and its parts.

May blessings of sky
And blessings of water
Come to us now
And our sons and our daughters

For life’s days are blessed
And life stages are few
Now that we’re here
I am glad I am with you.

Our blessed in life
Are blessed tonight
No one is sad or blue

Come together now
This is how
We’ll last
Our whole lives through
<><><><><><><><><><><><><> 12/25/16

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