This was a moment

Posted by Gerry on April 2nd, 2014

eureka the boys
I was driving home from work today
When I noticed the beautiful green trees of spring
At that moment I realized I was driving on the spot
Where one of the happiest moments of my life had occurred
Many years ago I drove this same road
On the way to see my first son be born
And tears of joy stream down my face

I thought of how nervous my wife had been
I thought of how excited my anticipation was
This was a moment,
this was a moment so fresh to my mind
As if it just happened
Right here and right now

And I flashed to other moments
I could see the day our third son was born
I could see his two big brothers
with their faces pressed up against the glass
To see their new brother
I could see it
As if it just happened

anne & pj @ dallas brass
And then came the memory,
Of our middle son laughing and smiling with his mother
As we watched his younger brother
Play in the middle school band
with professional performers leading them (Dallas Brass)

All these moments
And the moments more
Arrived in that instant
And tears of joy stream down my face
1989 Patrick and Bob desk shot 2
1990 Gerry and Patrick camping

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