drops falling like glass

072612 Grover Hot Springs 037
I want to go to the mountains
I need to wander down trails
And see clouds build like fountains
I need to lose my travails
Amid granite and pine trees
I want to see bear tracks by streams
I need to hear birdsong and buzzing of bees
The clear mountain air lingers in dreams
I need to travel down roads
Through a forest beyond some pass
To see waterfalls power explode
Over cliffs, drops falling like glass

I want to gain hope for my memories
To rest in their places amid Dardanelles and minarets
Grandeur to inspire poet’s deepest reveries
Meadows where wind and water’s flow wash away any regrets
Quiet streams or rapids
Each evokes the hearts peaceful habits
The glory of nature to bring
Giving space for the troubled heart to sing
Inner peace through wonders of nature
A stable retreat to question our Creator.

You are not here. Where are you?
Where’d you go that I can’t go?
Where’d you take the stuff you filled my heart with?

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 02/12/14

Author: Gerry

I welcome you to Sonomabuzz. I am Gerry La Londe-Berg. This started as a blog and immediately morphed into a poetry site. I started as a person and eventually morphed into a poet (among other things).

2 thoughts on “drops falling like glass”

  1. You brought tears to my eyes but a sense of joy from your
    images of the Sierra where you’ll be this summer. Moving forward is a must but the pace can be slow and a step back is allowed.
    I loved seeing you Saturday…good friends that you can say anything to and who understand are invaluable. B

  2. So cute!! Isn’t it funny how that works? It’s hard to imagine you have aynmore room inside you to love someone, but somehow it just happens and you make room.

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