I’m gonna ban the phrase “a wannabe poet”

Posted by Gerry on January 18th, 2014

desert bloom d

I’m gonna ban the phrase “a wannabe poet”
A poet writes poetry, good or bad
If you’re one or the other you probably know it.

I can put pen to paper and push out the words
Any alternative is just absurd
The ink don’t make it a poem
The pen don’t make it a poem
The fingers don’t make it a poem
The poet makes it a poem
And I know it

I can be a wannabe gangster
I can be a wannabe sharpshooter
I can be a wannabe dog trainer
I can’t be a wannabe poet
If I am writing a poem
I’m a poet
And I know it

desert bloom p

I’ve been a poet ever since I wrote my first poem
Something about this life being just an instant in eternity
Who coulda guessed I’d be so profound
in the middle of the night
When that poem was found
Bouncing around in my head
The words told me how,
They just said
Come out and be a poem right now

I may still not know all I wanna be
But this poet things just stuck inside of me
The words don’t always just flow
Any good writer has to know
Time and practice and a random phrase
Turn into some words on a page
Some write of summer sun or winter snow
Sometimes words just know where to go
Mediocre, or so and so, or truly inspired
All come together whether alert or tired
Just pay attention to rhythm and words that flow together
Like none before or after have gathered
We can be poets for all of our days
We wanna, we gotta, we’re just made that way

desert bloom m
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