Stones on the ground

Posted by Gerry on June 9th, 2020

191013 Bantam Scenes (35)

A garden of memories
On the ground beneath a tree
Stones from places
That were found
As a life moved all around
Stones that hold
The places seen
Rocks form beauty
Through shine and sheen
To go back once more
Is beyond the realm
So memories are what can be held

Love and loss resting there
Mists of thoughts and long since cares
The heart and mind still hold
The space
But stones on the ground also have
Their place.

Late afternoon sun

A hawk in the sun
floating on the late afternoon breeze
glides on by

From the past
a memory lost
slides back into thoughts

Wings of the hawk
Brown and white
shining in the afternoon light

holding hope
of gliding
anywhere there is to go

Memories don’t work like that
they go where they have been
they take the mind on a delirious spin

and hawks
and late afternoon sun

Wonder haiku

Wonder that impacts
ingenious incitement
is superior

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