the Well

010715 slusser vine darker
How deep is the well
How deep is the sorrow
How deep is the pain
How deep is the happiness
How deep is the celebration
How deep is it to go to the bottom
How deep is it when we return to the top
How do I love you
How do I express my commitment
How far must I go
How did I get here
How do I go on from here
How many stories can be heard
How many sympathies expressed
How deep is this well
Into which sadness and joy is poured
Just to bring up the contents
The water of life
How deep is the well
How does the well get deeper
And still yield its contents
How can I tell I am pouring sorrow in
How can I know if I am pulling compassion out
How can I know where is the end
How can I have a new beginning
And another
And another
How can I know the truth

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 03/13/15

Author: Gerry

I welcome you to Sonomabuzz. I am Gerry La Londe-Berg. This started as a blog and immediately morphed into a poetry site. I started as a person and eventually morphed into a poet (among other things).

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