What Networking means

I had an exchange with the author concerning a post he did, 4 Rules of Networking

I posted it here because it says so much about how community collaboration is NOT a new thing. We just have new ways of achieving collaboration.

From me to James: “I hope it’s okay that I copy this and post it on my blog. With credit of course.

I have been championing this aspect of the value of networks within the Human Services sphere where I serve. You have stated it eloquently.

I hope we all recognize though that the language of social networking we are now developing has always been a reality in local dynamics. If I think of government and community collaboration, non-profit boards, United Way, the Chamber of Commerce, Chamber led “Leadership” programs, and a wide variety of activity, I recognize that this has all been going on forever. See and LSR Alumni Association

James Schmeling replied: “Excellent post, shared with my online networks. It articulated how we focus on expanding our work and benefiting the work of others through new connections and collaborations.

There’s something not quite captured by these which includes willingness to expend effort for repeated efforts at connecting with people who aren’t quite ready to learn, but where the network effect would be worth the effort. Sometimes people aren’t ready to learn something or see how it applies, and it may take three or four introductions, or follow-ups, until a light goes on.

I recently met with someone four times before I could connect with what they wanted to do. We knew we wanted to work together, but it took some time to understand the best points of connection. ”

So… “What Networking Means” is this, among other things… I appreciate this sense of repeatedly bringing this to the attention of people. I have been doing this for some time and plan to continue championing this idea until we have some positive results.

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