Suffering Fools

7/9/2009 8:23 PM
Today on the way to San Mateo County I listened to the background story on Sonya Sotomayor.
Sotomayor: Tough Kid Turns Unintimidated Judge

The quote that stood out for me was how she would “suffer fools”; that meant she would listen to people she disagreed with. Or, alternatively, she would hear someone out even if they were wrong.

There are several ways to listen, and suffer, and deal with fools. In my case the variations come forth as the following haiku.

I can suffer fools
By listening carefully
To their drip drip drip

Suffer fools suffer
You were born to it because
You are so stupid
(I’m usually not this “catty” but this is about variations on a theme. It has to be said.)

Suffering all fools
Is a way to leadership
At times all are fools

Listening is more important than talking. And we are all fools sometimes. It’s reassuring to have a judge who learned these lessons.