Here’s to the bright and shiny things

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Here’s to the bright and shiny things
Here’s to the loves that my life brings
Here’s to the sharing now
Because life turns out this way somehow
Here’s to the sharing with any who carry
The light of kindness overcoming blindness

Sharing now
Sharing space
Sharing life
Sharing grace

Whole earth moved around the sun
Never left, not anyone
Earth each day with light of dawn
Brings to life all that abounds
Through the day ‘til sun goes down
Handling life with all around
Life unbound is held somehow
To all the sharing we do now
Sharing this and sharing that
Life goes on despite the cat
How we do is life emerging
Energy in time is surging
Held together by life’s urging
Held together across space and time
Living out our lives sublime
Mystery held without a doubt

Being here
Being here
Being alive
Without a doubt

<><><><><><><><><><><><><> 05/27/16