sitting in a dark room

sitting in a dark room
considering light
consider the space
and consider our plight

sitting in a valley
way down below
under the mountain
where we might perchance go

from the depths formed by rivers
mountains carved by streams
water through earth delivered
like thoughts left from dreams

no glow in the dark
nor flash in a mist
fully illuminates the possible
only giving a glimpse.

as in dreams or a journey
each explores soft edges of light
and the inside of darkness
holds some insight

revelations anew
portend blessings we are now seeing
to find the illusive
truth of all being

although darkness may comfort
or light warm the soul
held nearest our heart
is love as the goal

love transcends darkness
and compassion illuminates
winding path forward
to heaven’s welcome gates

a gate to goodness we seek
journeys’ guides hold us
in mysterious faith and eternal trust
our seeking emboldens

goodness tumbles out
like rivers to ocean
a true secret shared
all life needs such motion

traveling as drops in a stream
and then life’s winding river
all the hopes in our time
and sorrows delivered

to places of healing
missions of glory
as each one of us
seeks out our own story

Drops in the river – Lagunitas

Lives like water…

Life like a river of being
Lives like water
flowing past my place in the river
Dark stories
Eddies of grief and need.
Do I offer a genuine harbor
Or a weak line tied to a branch?

Lives bounce on little waves
Keeping heads above the water
That’s all it takes sometimes
But when can they paddle to the edge
To stand and rest as the river flows past?

I’ve got a little extra to offer
Something unexpected
Here is a float to hold
Here is a paddle if you are lucky enough to have a craft

Without a boat
We are bobbing in the river of life.
When we fall below the surface

Wondering if it’s worth the effort
Will anyone throw a life raft?
We grasp as if for a floating log
Help me hold onto a branch
To keep from being swept away.
Help me
Help me

Lives like water flowing past
Fast and rough
Slow and placid
Water, ever flowing
Like life
Like wind
Like thoughts

Are we swimmers or are we flotsam?

We’re all paddling toward another shore

Mist off the water as a new day dawns
It obscures our fates
As it awaits the mid day sun

Lives like water
Drops in the river
Flow down to the ocean of being
That is all being
As the river changes the life
The life in turn changes the river.
111113 Petrolia-31