The magic of eyes

Each of us sees what we want to see
And we are blind to that which we cannot see.
Whether the truth lies in plain view or not.
Our rods and cones are uniquely aligned.

A blink, or a squint, at the truth may open our view, or not.
Like dust in the eyes the view can be rubbed out.
Tears may flow to clear away the distortion.
The impressions from a peripheral glance may bring it into focus.

For those of us with blind spots, which means everyone,
The things we trip over were obvious to those around us.
Just as we see their tripping hazards that they don’t recognize.
But there’s no denying, denial is an effective filter.

How come I can’t get you to see what you will not see?
Perspective is both point of view and position
The glare in the eyes may be the reflection of a vision we have not shared
Or the view is seen together after a long thoughtful gaze.

Do you see what I mean? Can you? Do you want to?
Without insight a beam of light flashes on steel
and bounces off in another incredible direction
Never illuminating the space the steel reflected.