How Flags Flutter

based on and mashed from article Published Santa Rosa Press Democrat :

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 11:17 a.m.


There is a visual record of major conflicts and humanitarian crisis of
the 21st century that interfaces and enhances the ability to synthesize
and comprehend complex, digital information created by a historian
preserving and enhancing the art of hand-papermaking.

She works with a media artist who incorporates lives of Haitian
immigrants and chronicles the power of human resistance and endurance
to explore the intersection between the built and the natural world.

Who analyzes poverty in efforts designed to improve lives?

People coming to terms with personal relationships and struggling with
the changing molecular biology of advanced understanding of the role
of micro RNAs in the development of cancer and explaining climate
change. It has to do with the dimensions of conflicts in the Middle
East through the stories of ordinary families.

What we really want to know is the behavior of complex systems to
address such questions as how flags flutter and poets use wordplay as
puns and rhymes in intricately patterned compositions.

This calls for an investigative newspaper reporter whose work has led
to a program that links college volunteers with medical professionals
to improve health care for ornithologists who use paleontology,
developmental biology and optical physics to address questions about
avian development, evolution and behavior. She found an applied
physicist who is a leader in developing flexible electronic devices
for schizophrenia or severe mental illness.

Would we know the answers if there was a physician devoted to
delivering and improving treatment for infectious diseases in
Evolutionary biologists whose research focuses on tracing the
population history of recently extinct or threatened species?

We’ll need a Biogeochemist who examined the forces that have shaped
the ocean’s fertility and earth’s climate over the past 2 million
years and discovered accidents involving the elderly and risk factors
that contribute to morbidity due to falls and how viewers experience
and interact with art to protect transportation infrastructure when
there is a disaster.