Alas, a poem for Anne

072612 Grover Hot Springs 037
The wind came up
The field grasses wavered
And bent on their stems
Two white butterflies
Flew through the meadow
Dancing around each other
Floating and flapping on the wind
They made their way
To the western edge
Then one white butterfly
Landed in the grass
And the other flew on alone
To the place where a long dead tree
Leaned on a living tree.

072612 Grover Hot Springs 019
Yosemite Falls stop-13
Happy Anniversary to Us - 29 years and counting
Smiles and kisses
Dreams and schemes
Plans and hopes
Made up this thing
Random lucky breaks
And hard work and sweat

Smiles and kisses
Dreams and schemes
Happy children
Long days and sleepy nights
Words and looks
Things from books

Smiles and kisses
Dreams and schemes
Days of caring
Days of sharing
Lifetime legacy
After all this

Smiles and kisses
Dreams and schemes
Hopes and visions
Small changes
Big changes
Major setbacks
Lived through with grace and stamina

Smiles and kisses
Dreams foregone and fulfilled
Schemes aplenty
But mostly simply
Being together
Through all this

Smiles and kisses
Simple joys
Happy dinners
Sons all grown
All of them sharing
Smiles and kisses
Smiles and kisses
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 09/11/13

It’s not about fighting. It’s about being. Therese
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 09/11 13