I think that’s called “grace”

Zebest of Zebest

He came into the courtroom to face his fate
He saw so many friends and a smile lit up his face
I think that’s called “grace”

She managed her needs and watched out for her partner
a delegater extraordinaire in the most trying of circumstance
I think that’s called “grace”

A great crash. A great recovery
Then months and months of hard discovery
Lived in a thing called grace

Traveling right beside us, kindness always ready
Thoughts on stars and numbers, heart on those who love him
I think that’s called “grace”

101410 Homecoming 017

Smiles and kisses, dreams and schemes, hopes and visions
Lived through with grace and stamina
I think that’s called “grace”

Gentle knowledge when it is so hard to get through
Friends who keep and share what is true
I think that’s called “grace”

Growing together all our days, adversities intruded
But never once in all that time
Was discouragement included

Precious time
With hope in mind
Of love that never dies

Thank you, my darlings. I have known grace
In you. My heroes. Love you mucho
I think that’s called “grace”

Birthday for Anne-12

Anne & Chris 12252000

family photo laughing

July 4th Weekend

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