sacred intention

At dawn
the leftover flames of the night
are blown out
the dreams we encountered
dissipate like smoke
whatever comfort and warmth was gathered
in the space of sleep
moves on
to another space
where the vitality of the new day
is manifest
renewal as the planet turns
and the possibilities unfold
Hope springs up
on the horizon
as only the sun
can bring
the spirits of ancestors
who walked near us
in the darkness
are not meant to be seen
in the light
yet they guide us
and teach us
each step of each day
whether we attend to their wisdom
or pray
sacred intention held in the night
sacred intention held in the light
sacred intention held in the heart
in goodness and kindness
we become part
of history
each day
of our own lives
remember that which was
left after night
hold to intention
with each breath
each day
every step that we take
every word that we say
the secrets in hearts
can lead to sublime
of sacred intention

<><><><><><><> 02/08/23

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