In the tender gentle heart

Posted by Gerry on September 17th, 2022

In the tender gentle heart

a space is held which holds each part

of life revealed each and every day

All that passes through will also stay

Ever present voices echo things

from past beliefs like hidden strings

Heartfelt joys of passions real

Echo on in time’s chambers to reveal

The souls flow by in the river of life

Tiny dreams in a steady stream, without strife

Propel each one to a place uncertain

In the early morn, behind the dreamer’s curtain

Not forming thoughts full enough to grasp

Holding out some hope of all that lasts 

To each life both then and now belonging

Brought forth in hope and renewed longing

In the tender gentle heart

><><>< 09/17/22

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  • MonaB said:

    You have a beautiful way of expressing these elusive emotions that fill up our spirits. Thank you for sharing Gerry

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