The only

sun setting

The only thing I can change is myself
There is only one thing
The eyes let in the light
The light lets in the being
Union is the moment
Now is the time
The temple is released back into universal soul
Fears bind us
One moment we all will die
Our death riding on our shoulder has already arrived
Going from darkness to light
We come to go
This is just another step
To a wider perspective
Living is the journey through to being
What you are fundamentally
Does not belong to time
Once we master death there is no longer fear
Going forward and letting go
Trusting what you have done all your life
We are born to learn how to die
We only carry consciousness across the river
All we are leaving behind is a body
All those things we cannot see
Are all the things we cannot measure
Are all the things that matter
Being quiet in one way or another
Is part of each of us
There is not a better something
There is union
Unity became separateness
In order to create individuality
In order to return to unity
Thought and kindness are the path
Serving others, you can find yourself
Take part in the world
To hold happiness
Move to union in letting go of happiness
And the breath returns the ultimate joy
Nothing can bring you happiness
Because you have it already
Your experiences are all you have
Without a past and without the future
All the present moments are the experiences
Which are the reality
In you
You have to live in the world
And know you are not of the world
The whole world is inside of us
The still small spirit

Inspired by On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace
A film by Michael O’Neill (Netflix)

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 03/17/20


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