here and now

190917 Redwoods (13)

when you formed in your mother’s loins
no one wanted this result for you
the vagaries of life
in tragedies of death
came to this place
that you are in
here and now

you gave
and you received
the naïve joy of youth
a fleeting fantasy
of sustenance
longing to recover it
here and now

the lives you bore
in your own womanhood
blew away
in a moment
the tempest of tragedy
lost in your lifetime
here and now

then and there
the crush of sadness
tore away
all defenses
and left
just you
here and now

just swallowing pride and hope
community of sharing
had been expected
then you descended
into darkness
here and now

years and decades
passed over like smoke
of sorrow
no relief in mist
of mind bending toxins
no relief for the unbearable
here and now

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