for my sons

Easter at the Tram 2003

Here are some things I have learned over the years

People who receive a kindness are often not gracious
People who are extremely smart are often difficult to get along with
People who are well-educated are not necessarily the best at what they do
People who complain of a situation are often at the center of the situation both causing it and enduring it.
People who are kind are willingly fooled
People who are mean resent being fooled
People who are fools can’t tell the difference
People want the best for their kids
People who endure grave illness are not weak even when their body is
People who live a life of pain and great sorrow are open to recognizing great joy
Great joy is seldom found while it be is being overlooked
Great joy is behind our eyes
Great joy is within our view
Great joy is here and now
Great joy is not coming
Great joy is here
The probability that your heart will be broken is very high
Let your heart out anyway
The probability that you will be disappointed by some parts of your life is certain
Live your life anyway
Any way you want

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