To Laurel and Amy

Petaluma Sky
Peace be with you in how you honor them.
All the gods and the goddesses were never so blessed as you.
Life’s currents running
Down the passage of time

Riversides of the streams we flow in
Collect the detritus of our lives
But the times we anchored there
In times like these we have no care

Another once might linger there
Ocean breezes push sails; pulling these ones
These humans living a day of their life
Holding their good as well as their strife.

Back to the waves and the ocean blue
Far and near they change in hue
Blessed horizons blend with sky
As the lives and waves slip by

Honor these the lustrous ones
Brothers sisters all the one
In times when live’s best deeds were done

Hearts in time will find their place
In a precious garden or a smiling face
Dreams do come true.
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 09/04/15

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