The sunlight belongs to all

Humboldt Redwoods, Founders Grove in smoky light
Redwood trees of the California Coast have stood strong for hundreds and thousands of years.
When someone visits these incredibly large trees along the “Avenue of the Giants” the lessons to be learned might have something to tell about the local culture and hierarchy.

The redwood groves have layers of climate and environment; micro climates are distinct.
At the base the roots reach out among the trees. And as the roots grow intertwined the trees help hold each other up by their linkage.
The forest floor amongst the redwoods is rich and moist and a place of peace. Respect for age and size and interdependence of each tree on the other trees is experienced here.
In the middle range of the trees there is life among the branches. Birds and mice and flying squirrels move about, living a life in the middle.
In the top reaches of the tree, up among the rich sunlight, the newest growth reaches up. The moisture of the fog as pulled in to refresh the sun drenched branches

The people who are among the top branches of the Redwood Empire may see themselves as the ones entitled to the sunlight, they may feel the fog belongs to them. To be accurate though, the fog reaches the entire tree and nurtures the entire forest. The sunlight belongs to all.

The people at the base of our society are the ones to hold up the tree. The forests is made up of intertwined relationships which form all cohesiveness and collaboration.
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