Yesterday Ginger died

011810 Ginger
Yesterday Ginger died
The circumstances were of her own making
As befits a cat who arrived on her terms
Truth be told, I don’t know what the terms were.
I wasn’t there.
Ginger and Nora worked that out on Vincentia.
A cat of one person for many years.
Then melded into a broader household
A dog named Tess was there for awhile
And they traveled north together too.
Tess similarly gone as yesterday
From Monterrey came Aloise, wishes
And Chris just couldn’t get a year older without Katie
Katie still herself, eluding interacting until only on her terms
Like Ginger
Wishes comes and goes, and sometimes arrives upon a lap
Holly, ever two years old, was the only one to sniff a real goodbye
Pieces of love, two
For two who loved Ginger so, Nora and Anne
One piece lies with Ginger
One piece lies with Patrick
Symbols of some thing more
Honoring lives shared
With a cat.
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ginger 081515

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