a thin veil

Grovers Hot Springs - Summer Solstice Hike to the waterfall

Great joy
And great sadness
Are divided
By just a thin veil.

The soft smooth synthesis of joy
Belies the thoughts that lie within
Gentle trepidation and real love
Haunt the lovers who begin
To set aside the veil
Their lives and souls to win

The sadness of the lost
And sometimes for the found
Reveals the fears from gathered years
Trodding some old ground
Remove the barrier
So we no longer tarry here

Know loves ways
In all the days
Great joy or sadness joined
Wrapped in a thin veil.
That will not fail
To protect them
All their days
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 07/13/15
Grovers Hot Springs June 20, 2015

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