On winning

Posted by Gerry on January 25th, 2015

berkeley campanile west view
One of the ways we listen
To sense the direction to go
Is to carefully consider a mission
That will bring forth the ways to grow.

Another thing to know is the limit
Imposed from above and below
We can’t let it be what will inhibit
The rise and the fall and the flow.

To make each choice as it comes
Is to trust the voice from within
The outcome large or small becomes
The next move of what we begin.

Hope, determination, and luck all contain
the heart of the next action wherein
We find the power so as to retain
The seeds with potential therein

Thus we ward off all that would drain
This power drawn from within
The force found within feels no strain
No limit will hold what we win.
stacked rocks with st francis

I make myself cry

Posted by Gerry on January 1st, 2015

winter for robbie
The day my parents named me –
Part two =>End of the Year
– People we saw
On their behalf, I thank and honor kind strangers. (best read out loud)

Kelly and Sara and Neil and Juliette.
Tim and Michael and Ben and Daniel
Lauren and Georgette and Tanya and Julian
Mark and Robert and Myrah and Frank
Kim and Donald and Brian and Cindy
Travis and Terry and Bill and Sara
Ricardo and Linda and Angelina and Jordan
Chris and Patrick and Bob and Anne
Shawn and Sean and Zach and Casey
Cynthia and Aaron and Tina and Robert
John and Jonathon and Hector and Lee
Erin and Charlene and Debbie and Allen
Mark and Ken and Kara and William
Brian and Bryan and Clare and Sonya
Jesus and Maria and Jose and Juan
Tristan and Hailey and Allison and Jeanine
Jill and Jason and Jesse and Tristan
Roger and Jeff and Todd and Amanda
Sarah and Sam and Steve and Shine
Ryan and Belinda and Louis and Favella
Susan and Suzanne and Eva and Adam
Gilbert and Kevin and Krystal and Crystal
Ray and Joe and Jessica and Betty
Patricia and Patty and Paul and Anthony
Joanna and Cathleen and Kathleen and Juana
Julie and David and Lucas and Julia
Elise and Norman and Nora and Thomas
Randy and Florence and Roberta and Leon
Denise and Simon and Simone and Shelly
Charles and Emily and Vincent and Wanda
Carol and Matthew and David and Teri
Jacob and Rachel and Lynne and Andrew
Antoinette and Diana and Dana and Leslie
Anna and Andy and Alfred and Aileen
Clint and Carl and Christopher and Carol
Miles and Erica and Megan and Marie
Zachary and Brittany and Ronald and Jon
Lawrence and Larry and Loren and Lilith
Dillon and Dylan and Anthony and Alicia
And Robbie

We do it for you.

New fire pit, Sunday night