dangling leaves

Fall colors

Wind through the trees
Blows leaves that flutter
In their last attachment to life

The buds of Spring
And green Summer
Give way to orange
And brown
Of life moving on

Leaves are like illusions
Or lives blown by truth;
They last through time
Until contradictions
Or wisdom
Blow them away

The flutter is caused by
The stem clinging to its source
In a gale force

The sputter and flutter and denial
Both stated and internal
Of any person resisting
Acknowledging the truth
Is like those stems
Destined to separate

In the depths of winter
There may be a few leaves
Still dangling
Old beliefs die hard
And illusions linger
After long and bitter truth
Blows down upon the disillusioned

The blue sky of reality
Cold and stark
Is laid bare
By the winds of truth

Until a new Spring
<><><><><><><><><><><> 12/09/12
Fall leaves

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