Miracles ever

Posted by Gerry on March 28th, 2014

Point Reyes Lodge 030814-08
Miracles ever
God does what he wants anyway
Praying for the best

[acknowledgement to Iris Dement]
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Perfect harmony
Weight of a cat on a lap
Contentment right now

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Brings the deity

Posted by Gerry on March 12th, 2014

Cem Santa Rosa Chapel 022414-5

Blessings can be derived
from pain.
But that does not mean
the experiences of pain
caused the blessings.
Without the pain,
the blessings
and understandings
may have been different.

Although prayers to a deity
may be specific
And they may be followed
by an action or event
It is not to say the prayers
caused the deity
to give a response of action.

God’s existence,
and our dependence
on His benevolence,
Does not mean
He acts in lives
as we imagine.

How has it been shown
that the desire for our own,
or our loved ones’, well being
Brings the deity
to attend to us?

The force of goodness
and creation
which we think of
as God
Is either an enormous ego
which requires us
To believe
all glory and honor to Thee,
Oh mighty One,


On the other hand,
The Creator
may have made creation
to be a good in
and of itself
To evolve
and grow
and die
through mighty natural forces.

If there is human will
and power
Then the power is subject to the rules
of nature the Creator set in motion,

Or not.

If we think
we are not subject
to the rules of nature
Then nature ultimately
comes around
exhibiting our folly.

If the Creator created nature,
and Man in it,
to glorify the Creator’s
Own being
Then there must be
some purpose
which impels Man
and all creatures
To impact on their own destiny
in the realm of nature
the Creator created.

With this comes
decisions and free will,
The will we may have
is manifest in how
we choose to respond
to each circumstance

Or not.

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Santa Rosa Redwoods


Posted by Gerry on March 11th, 2014

elevator feet wood
Out in the world
The children hurled
Their laughter to the wind.

The world wasn’t ready
For thoughts so heady
Creative minds swirling with the wind

Compadres treasure
Their unique pleasure
In blowing off the wind

Out in the world
Their lives unfurled
Buffeted, not blown over

The gentle breeze
Of friendship’s ease
Brings laughter in the wind.


Jumble mumble

Posted by Gerry on March 11th, 2014

Jumble mumble stumble fumble
Heartache landscape escape moonscape
Words absurd perturb unheard
Anticipate resonate hesitate upon fate
Journey gurney ferny attorney
Trajectory refectory intellectually reflexively
Icarus Orion speak to us
Bring near the horizon
Jumbled stumbled or tumbled
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Reflected glory
Shade moonlight to view the belt
Stars or reflection
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 03/11/14