She spends each day

Posted by Gerry on July 10th, 2013

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She spends each day
In life’s struggles
of work,
ambitions foregone,
and children distressed.

She lies down each night
With the one she loves
He is the one who shares her concerns
For their children
They love their children as the best parents will
And they look to her, and him, as protectors and guardians.

She sleeps each night with joy at her side
And the nearest thing to heaven
Is resting in the other room
Life should be blessed – in that which matters.
All struggles are less to those who are blessed
All effort is well spent when built upon such blessings.

Inspired haiku – Thanks Skip Moore

Posted by Gerry on July 6th, 2013


Sunset atmosphere
The universe is surreal
Or, is it sunrise?

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