Life does not make sense

5/11/2011 7:49 AM

Thoughts upon reading the introduction to the Book of Job

Life doesn’t have to make sense.

We miss some things if we are busy looking for that which makes sense.

The Creator didn’t say to you or me, “Here, come and be born and it will make sense.” The Creator said, in many ways, “Come and be born and enjoy the beauty of this world; be human and treat all other humans with kindness. Respect My creation and share it.”

Where in that invitation does the Creator say it has to make sense in order for you or me to fulfill our role.

Making sense is a process we use to become more effective.

Each of us has to realize that other humans make sense in a different way than we do. Sometimes our senses coincide in our interpretation; often, however, the sense we have differs.

Our Creator and this world is open to our human senses and our extraordinary intuition.

The best hope we can have is to create and fulfill our destiny even though life doesn’t make sense.

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