Haiku with a theme of children

I learn things really
Fast because days grow shorter
Was a child’s wisdom
<><><><><><><><><><><><><> 01/11/07

Child you could know life
With only some happy thought
Wander to your dream
<><><><><><><><><><><><><> 02/24/08

Where has childhood gone
ah, it grew up too and fled
Simple pleasures gone
<><><><><><><><><><><><><> 03/04/08

Nowhere is now here
a non space is now a place
For children to be.
<><><><><><><><><><><><><> 06/19/08

Haiku from Nature

Orion running
Perpetually as light
In the morning sky

<><><><><><><><><><><><><> 10/01/07

Rain drops from the sky
Air refreshed by water
Cleansing inhaling


Dandelion blossom
We want green spring garden plant
Flower leaf dawning


Though rust falls in the
Autumn summer will journey
Through morning bloom


Happy people dream
Shiver beneath winter moon
Snow soon freezes ice


Tulip stuck in time
Its potential blossom gone
Unseen forever


Water on a shore
Ice in solid formula
Amorphously cold


A hovering kite
Attentive to the motion
Field mouse lingering

[east of Winters, California]


Orion arise
Beloved in the night skies
Running running on


Little lonely
Thought of brilliant night sky
Alone in star light


Autumn grasses yellow
Wander beneath rusted cloud
Rising evening moon


Blue sky the trees say
The wind resting is breathing
God less manifest

The breathe of God
Flows through creation as wind
Flowing over all

<><><><><><><><><><><><><>01/30/08 9:00 a.m.

Make me smile before
The bloom of summer morning
Full from sun journey


An angel of stone
Sits praying in the night rain
Blessings on flowers


Standing by a creek
Sound blends with nighttime musing
Cares flow to the sea


Baby ducks snoring
Under a bridge in the fog
Tiny signs of spring


A simple beauty
Egrets flying together
beautiful sky now


The young tree sprouting
Blue skies in Santa Rosa


The Blossoms turning
Spring bees buzz in Sonoma


Swollen blossoms wait
Spring is in the air today
White flowers burst soon


Happy Spring flowers
Green with pink yellow blossom
Fresh colors of life



Summer blazing in
Heat searing on the faint wind
While spring’s blossoms wilt


Smooth paddles of light
Cause ripples in time and space
Shadows linger on


Cicada in the
Palo Verde mimicking
Arid summer heat
Pungent smell of smoke
lingering from lightening
drift of summer fire

<><><><><><><><><><><><><> 6/23/08

Can’t hear that teardrop
For all we know it’s just a
Ripple on a stream.


Poppies drying out
Fields of parched brown grasses
Season of summer


A bird on the fence
Quickly scanning a yellow
Flower then moves on


A caterpillar
Amongst the green tomatoes
Takes an early share


Moths migrating in
The early morning sunlight
Transient nature

<><><><><><><><><><><><><>   7/26/08

The fog enshrouds the light
Mists envelope days passing
Time moves over love

All I get from you
A place for me in your heart
Where I want to be

Time moves over love
Mists of our time in this light
This morning’s true gift


Sheep sleeping in fog
Fields of mist veil their slumber
What things do they count?


Crisp fall air blowing
Light shining in lovely trees
It is great alive


As the sun it shone
Upon the vines grapes all gone
Shadows left alone


Saline Sea shines blue
under the desert’s hot sun
after man’s mistake

Toxic Acidic Beautiy

<><><><><><><><><><><><><> 12/12/08

Young hawks shrill calling
Brighten a sunny spring day
Like children who smile

<><><><><><><><><><><><><> 5/8/09

Pigeon flying by
There is a dream like quality
Wake me in the air.

Pigeons Fly Low


The wind through the pines
And the cottonwood snow
Warmth of Tahoe sun.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><>  07/05/09

How Flags Flutter

based on and mashed from article Published Santa Rosa Press Democrat :

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 11:17 a.m.


There is a visual record of major conflicts and humanitarian crisis of
the 21st century that interfaces and enhances the ability to synthesize
and comprehend complex, digital information created by a historian
preserving and enhancing the art of hand-papermaking.

She works with a media artist who incorporates lives of Haitian
immigrants and chronicles the power of human resistance and endurance
to explore the intersection between the built and the natural world.

Who analyzes poverty in efforts designed to improve lives?

People coming to terms with personal relationships and struggling with
the changing molecular biology of advanced understanding of the role
of micro RNAs in the development of cancer and explaining climate
change. It has to do with the dimensions of conflicts in the Middle
East through the stories of ordinary families.

What we really want to know is the behavior of complex systems to
address such questions as how flags flutter and poets use wordplay as
puns and rhymes in intricately patterned compositions.

This calls for an investigative newspaper reporter whose work has led
to a program that links college volunteers with medical professionals
to improve health care for ornithologists who use paleontology,
developmental biology and optical physics to address questions about
avian development, evolution and behavior. She found an applied
physicist who is a leader in developing flexible electronic devices
for schizophrenia or severe mental illness.

Would we know the answers if there was a physician devoted to
delivering and improving treatment for infectious diseases in
Evolutionary biologists whose research focuses on tracing the
population history of recently extinct or threatened species?

We’ll need a Biogeochemist who examined the forces that have shaped
the ocean’s fertility and earth’s climate over the past 2 million
years and discovered accidents involving the elderly and risk factors
that contribute to morbidity due to falls and how viewers experience
and interact with art to protect transportation infrastructure when
there is a disaster.

Somewhere in California

Somewhere in California a lawn mower whines.

Somewhere in California an old woman lays dying.

Somewhere an old man holds her hand.

Somewhere in California thoughts turn to better times.

Somewhere in California a lawn mower whines.

An old man hears the mundane sounds as his loving wife sighs.

Somewhere in California a neighbor picks apples

And the Summer turns to Fall.

Somewhere a young girl dances on chalk marks on the sidewalk.

A father gazes at her motion as he rakes the leaves.

Somewhere in California the tasks and trials and joys of a lifetime

mix with the sounds of the moment.

Somewhere in California

Somewhere a young man grows and explores

Somewhere in California a cool wind blows

Bringing the breathe of Autumn

Somewhere a neighbor starts a car and drives off to work.

Somewhere an old woman’s breathe grows shallow,

Her mind moves slow.

Somewhere in California a night bird calls

Like a sigh at the fresh new dawn.


Somewhere in my neighborhood.


A different part of the sky

Standing on a different

Part of the planet

Looking at a different

Part of the sky.

Moving through each day

Step by step and breathe by breathe

Learning what there is to learn

By listening and not judging

Passing up the opportunity to be right

Taking the opportunities in being present.

Standing alone with others

Having an openness that could have been lost

Watching the passing seasons

As the stars rearrange themselves

Orion passes from view

as strength sometimes hides

The constellation reappears

But never changed

Or did it grow stronger?


God is an old man

God is an old man all dressed in black

He sits in a wheelchair holding a cane in his gloved hands.

God is a young mother who drove with her husband from the Valley.

The kids are with her mother. They don’t know mommy is scared.

God hovers between a middle aged couple,

blessing them as they savor every moment, taking it one step at a time.

God is a mystic, challenging the world to change and

to accept that the present moment is as close to heaven as we need to be.

God is a young man, now in an old man’s body, all dressed in black

He sits in a wheelchair holding a cane in his gloved hands.

Waiting for a miracle.


Heaven on your mind

The breathe of the Creator blows in each face as wind

Which turns the mind at dawn and dusk

To be joined in light called heaven.

There are certain times over the mountain when,

If the clouds spread out in a special way,

And the angle of the earth and sun align just right,

Then, you can see the floor of heaven.

Clouds blow across the sky all the time.

Without fail the earth turns on its axis.

The moon shines down.

But we, the human folks, usually go about our days without seeing.

People fail to look up,


Unless a person looks up they will not see.

Opportunity shines as the end of the day

Revealed as dusk blessed by a glimpse of heaven.

On any given day the cusp of dawn or dusk bends the edge of heaven

So that human folk might make their way in through the breach.

Then another day passes, or men and women pass through it,

And the moment passes on.

The breathe of the Creator blows in each face as wind

Which turns the mind at dawn and dusk

To be joined in light called heaven.


Some ideas for the New Twitter User

Hi, welcome to Twitter.

This was written for a friend about getting started in Twitter but I’ll share it here.

From my perspective there are several subcategories of Twitter activity. Twitter itself has a lot of other information to help get started.

Go to Help @ Twitter.com

The types of users I’ve encountered are:
Personal acquaintances. The original Twitter concept… Twitter back and forth about what you are doing, how’s it going, where do you want to meet, etc. For me these are our sons and other relatives and a few friends.

The second group, which I use the most, are the interest groups on subjects, politics, celebrities, sports, etc. I’ll describe below how to find them. A significant aspect of the issues groups, and businesses too, is that they use Twitter to link folks back to their most current blog, web post, etc.

The third type are the folks who see Twitter as a new version of network marketing and business development. They tend to follow a lot of people and often have a large number of followers. They are total strangers who you can’t figure out why they are following you until you go to their web site and see what they are offering. Lots of businesses and non-profits, particularly restaurants and wineries, in our area are doing this well.

A fourth type are what I consider the p****ography twitters. (They would see that last word and bombard me.) They tend to have photos of cute girls and cute girl names but they are explicitly or implicitly unappealing to me. You’ll notice they follow lots of people and have very few followers and often very few tweets. I don’t understand their angle and haven’t bothered to find out.

These last two types you can simply block unless you are interested in their tweets.

On Following and Followers.

The way to find like minded people is to search for your key terms. When you find someone you like and are going to follow if you go through the people they are following and their followers you’ll find more like minded people who care about the issue you are looking for.

So if you looked at what I follow you’d see my family members and their businesses. You’d see that I follow politics, particularly California politics and Sonoma County politics. I also have a strong interest in children’s issues so I follow some thoughtful people who write or blog about this.

Finally I also have a strong interests in technology use in government and public affairs and people who are thinking about what could happen next. If you want to survey this topic I have a Child Welfare Wiki where you can look at this.


I hope this was useful. Comment or Tweet me with other ideas.


Addendum: May 30, 2010

I found this from Gina Chen, it’s a good addition


Addendum 06/11/10 Roger Ebert on Twitter – Great post


Another addendum September 24, 2010


Thanks to Joel Hughes