So I misheard something, I think it was the word epidemiological. But once I thought of the word I misheard, “Evidentialogical”, I thought it had a meaning.

Evidentialogical is the branch of thought that deals with the study of the causes, distribution, and control of facts. Evidentialogy deals with how the use of facts should inform knowledge and decisions. It could be the branch of thought dealing with the incidence and prevalence of facts in large bodies of evidence and with detection of the source and cause of truth.

Used in a sentence = “Perhaps we could do a small evidentialogical experiment on the evidentialogy of “evidentialogical.” Then we would have some solid evidence. We would like to see if truth and facts can be deduced and explained by the evidentialogical elements.”

Author: Gerry

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  1. Woo! A post! Oh, I’ve been waiting so long, I never thought I would see one. But here: Proof! Evidence! Fact!

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