Posted by Gerry on June 25th, 2009

When I felt alienated

I went to a desserted island

But then it wasn’t desserted

Because an alien ate it.

Today’s desert poem (written when I lived there) 03/16/2003

Posted by Gerry on June 25th, 2009

When the winds blow north from Mexico
And ghosts of coyotes prowl,
There’s a sense in the air that what’s not there
is more important than here and now.

Across the desert there seems to be some markers of place and time
But upon investigation, under brush and dune no evidence abounds.
Vague proof of dimensions, third or fourth, fades as the sun goes down.

Some shifting shadow draws the eye, but dust brings on a tear.
The night breeze shifts the edge of reality, inverting here and now
To forever and maybe, or just a dream, or where we ought to be.

Poem – In the Mind of the Creator 12/01/1999

Posted by Gerry on June 25th, 2009

In the Mind of the Creator

You alone, in the mind of the Creator, fulfill your piece of God’s plan for creation.

Only you are there, in your place, to offer a kind word or a helping hand to the other person you are with.

As people, we sometimes ask for the Creator’s intervention in our lives.
The Creator usually doesn’t come down directly and tap us on the shoulder and say, “Here I am, let me intervene.” Far more often the Creator inspires another human being to be kind, or good, or take action.

Sometimes, you alone, in the mind of the Creator,
are the one instrument of God.

If you alone, in the mind of the Creator,
are to be an instrument of the Creator’s intervention
in another person’s life,
you must choose to be open to such influence.

Be open to the Creator.
Be open to being the instrument of God.
Be aware that other people are usually the answer bearers to your prayers.
Be open so that you may be the Creator’s answer
to some other person’s prayers.

You alone, in the mind of the Creator,
can accept the Creator’s influence in your life.


A person’s response to being the instruments of the Creator’s intervention;
this is what is meant when we say that human beings have free choice.
The choice is to freely be the instrument of the Creator.
St. Francis said, “It is in dying that we are born to eternal life.”
He may have meant physical dying. More likely he meant the dying of selfishness, and the openness to be an instrument of the Creator’s mercy.


To be alone in the Mind of the Creator would be a vast, but special, space.


Posted by Gerry on June 20th, 2009

So I misheard something, I think it was the word epidemiological. But once I thought of the word I misheard, “Evidentialogical”, I thought it had a meaning.

Evidentialogical is the branch of thought that deals with the study of the causes, distribution, and control of facts. Evidentialogy deals with how the use of facts should inform knowledge and decisions. It could be the branch of thought dealing with the incidence and prevalence of facts in large bodies of evidence and with detection of the source and cause of truth.

Used in a sentence = “Perhaps we could do a small evidentialogical experiment on the evidentialogy of “evidentialogical.” Then we would have some solid evidence. We would like to see if truth and facts can be deduced and explained by the evidentialogical elements.”